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07.09.2020 - Offer from the supply of electronic com-nts to the development and manufacture of electronic device
Production processes, both on the developed projects, and new developments need support. Ready to consider your ideas, to help you create new electronic products from design, production of sample boards and subsequent production of serial products.

20.12.2019 - Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year 2020! Robust health, good luck and success in all affairs!

- - Send your applications and specifications of the electronic components that you need
We can complete your production with electronic components of practically all world manufacturers: microcircuits, transistors, diodes, electronic modules, LEDs and LED modules, lenses, LED lamps, etc.

17.09.2018 - LED lamps from SAFE WORLD TECHNOLOGIES Poland.
Have European quality, and affordable prices. We offer sales in Ukraine: SAFE WORLD TECHNOLOGIES

22.08.2018 - LED Lighting Manufacturers!
We offer for consideration and application in your new projects ACDrv modules. We invite you to click on banner web LED LIGHTING http://ledproduct.elecom.kiev.ua/home/ where you can get acquainted with the catalog of modules and lenses to them.

01.06.2018 - To the attention of partners and customers!
Since May 15, 2018, Elecom Co.,Ltd has changed its legal address. By your written request, we will provide new data. Also, starting June 1, 2018, new phone numbers are included. +380 (96) 014-05-18, (Kyivstar) +380 (95) 628-53-57, (Vodafone)

05.04.2018 - To the attention of customers and customers. Change phone numbers from April 20, 2018
The main telecommunication means of communication with us: Phone: +380 (73) 310-83-05 (lifecell) online connection: Viber + 380 (63) 415-62-25, Skype ^ ludmila.ovdiy: E-mail: office@elecom.kiev.au; Web: http://www.elecom.kiev.ua/u_contacts.php

10.12.2014 - SZ5-M2-WN-00 168lm/W new product SSC SZ5M

04.09.2014 - Seoul Semiconductor Launches Smart Lighting Acrich2 - SMJQ-132XFNSA LED Module
Seoul Semiconductor releases a new Acrich LED Module featuring Acrich3 technology that is compatible with smart lighting controls. The 30W Module has efficiencies of up to 100 lumens per watt.

04.06.2014 - Seoul Semiconductor Launches High Power Acrich Package Optimized for Outdoor Lighting
This new Acrich technology has been optimized for street and area lighting applications that require high light output, reliability, and high cost performance.